Aries, Andromeda and Pisces

Aries, Andromeda and Pisces constellations watercolour

Aries, Andromeda and Pisces
  • Aries, Andromeda and Pisces constellations

Aries, Andromeda and Pisces


An original painting – watercolour with ink on paper – size 175mm x 125mm.  Price includes P&P to UK addresses.


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Aries the ram, Andromeda from Greek mythology and Pisces the fish are constellations of the northern sky (hemisphere boreal). My watercolour painting is inspired both by the beauty of the night skies and by the imagery of traditional astrology, naming the constellations after mythological figures, animals and other interesting things!

This is one of a series of studies for a more ambitious painting showing all the constellations of the northern sky.


Aries the ram is usually thought to refer to the ram that provided the Golden Fleece of Greek myth fame, pinched by Jason and the Argonauts. ‘The ram’ actually goes back even further, as the late Babylonians had already seen the constellation as a ram, having previously thought of it as a farmhand….


In Greek mythology, Andromeda’s mother Cassiopeia had offended Poseidon by boasting about her daughter’s beauty. and Poseidon sent a sea-monster called Cetus to wreak his revenge. An oracle advised Cassiopeia to sacrifice Andromeda by chaining her to a rock by the sea to be eaten by Cetus. Luckily for Andromeda, wandering hero Perseus happened along on his way home from slaying the Gorgon. He killed Cetus, saved Andromeda and, of course, married her. Andromeda is one of the largest constellations, covering an area over 1,400 times the size of the full moon.


Pisces is the plural for fish in Latin. As ever, there’s a connection to Greek mythology with Aphrodite and Eros, who leapt into the sea and changed themselves into fish to escape from the monstrous giant, Typhon. They tied themselves together so they didn’t lose each other, and you can see the ties in my painting. Pisces is usually only visible in very dark skies.