On the banks of the Nile

On the banks of the Nile
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  • On the banks of the Nile
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On the banks of the Nile

This painting is in the collection of my daughter Cleo, and is shown here for your viewing pleasure.

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A family trip to Egypt one Christmas included a Nile cruise. I was intrigued by all the activity centred on the fertile riverbanks and sketched as we went. I wrote this blog about some some of the things we saw. I worked up some of my sketches into this painting, which now belongs to my daughter, Cleo.

If you have had the good fortune to travel on the Nile, you will ‘get’ this painting. As we sailed down the Nile, we were impressed with the number of cattle and water buffalo grazing on the fertile river fringes. Some tethered, some herded, some just apparently doing their own bovine thang.

We were also gobsmacked at the number of egrets. (‘Egrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention…’) The most common species was the Little Egret which has lovely greeny-yellow feet. We watched them soar and float above the river, apparently making a very good living.

Of course there was much human activity on the river; fishing, farming and lots of women using the river as a laundry, carrying their loads back in great shiny bowls on their heads as they walk through the fields back to their homes.