Blue footed booby

A paper mache blue footed booby

Blue footed booby
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Blue footed booby

An original hand-made, one-off, sculpture – paper mache, wire and acrylic – she stands 180mm tall and 290mm long. Price includes  P&P to UK addresses. THIS IS NOT A TOY!


A paper mache blue footed booby (Sula nebouxii). These incredible sea birds are a kind of gannet, native to the eastern equatorial Pacific. I made this paper mache blue footed booby simply because I wanted to understand their awesome streamlined shape better and because it’s good clean folk art fun to make paper mache birds!

Their name comes from the Spanish bobo meaning stupid or clown because they are not good on land. But they are far from foolish, and not designed for land living. They only land in order to nest. They are incredibly tough and tenacious – as all sea birds have to be – running the gauntlet of dwindling sardine stocks (their main food), and marine litter (mostly plastics) to say nothing of usual hardships of a marine lifestyle. They’re a kind of gannet, performing insanely fast dives into the sea to catch fish. The bluer their feet, the better nourished they are, and that’s why to attract a mate, they ‘dance’ to show off their gorgeous blue suede shoes to potential partners. 50% of boobies nest on Galapagos. And this is where I met blue footed boobies in December 2016.

They have no natural predators and their population is naturally kept in check by the abundance – or not – of fish. As we humans continue to deplete fish stocks, pollute the oceans and disturb their nesting sites, we directly impact the success of boobies. Their population is declining.