Hoopoe in paper mache

A paper mache hoopoe

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An original hand-made, one-off, sculpture – paper mache, wire and acrylic – he stands 210mm tall and is 290mm long from beaktip to tailtip. Price includes  P&P to UK addresses. THIS IS NOT A TOY!


This paper mache hoopoe (Upupa epops) is designed to make you smile!

Ever since I first saw an image of a hoopoe in my dad’s Reader’s Digest ‘Book of British Birds’ when I was just a small girl, I was taken aback by its astonishing appearance. Bright pinky orange with incredible stripey black and white wings and a fabulous crest, I could hardly believe this was a real bird! But it most assuredly is. We get them in UK only very occasionally. For all reported UK sightings of hoopoes, have at look at this Twitter account.

but they are a common species in Europe. I saw my first hoopoe in France in about 1979, and every time I have been to the Mediterranean since, the first thing I look out for are hoopoes. I even remember a small welcoming party of hoopoes greeting me at Menorca airport!

They are actually a corvid – a member of the crow family – which means they are very clever and resourceful. They nest in holes in trees and mostly eat small invertibrates.

My paper mache figure of a hoopoe is made entirely for my amusement and delight. It forced me to look at a lot of photos of hoopoes to observe how their crests work and to try to make sense of the pattern of black and white on its wings. (It makes more sense if you look at a photo of one in flight).

The paper mache figure is free-standing and finished with 3 coats of tough varnish.

Update: Mr Hoopoe is now sold! But if you’d like me to make one especially for you, just ask me.