Paper mache birds

Quirky, original, unique and made to order.

Paper mache birds
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  • Paper mache birds by Jane Tomlinson
    Paper mache birds by Jane Tomlinson
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  • Hoopoe-paper-mache-bird-Jane-Tomlinson (5)
  • Great spotted woodpecker paper mache
    Great spotted woodpecker paper mache
  • Puffin McPuffinface
    Puffin McPuffinface
  • starling-paper-mache (1)

Paper mache birds

Commission me!

These original hand-made, one-off sculptures are constructed with paper mache, junk, wire and acrylic paint and varnish. Sizes and prices vary.

Most of the birds shown here have now found homes. But if you’d like me to make a paper mache bird especially for you, just ask me. See text below.


About my paper mache birds

My paper mache birds are made entirely for my amusement and delight, and in the hope that they will also make you smile. In these politically uncertain times, goodness knows we need something to smile about!

I observe the anatomy of a particular bird very closely so as to get the shape and ‘feel’ of it more or less correct. This is very important to my ‘inner scientist’. Once I’ve understood the species, I emphasise certain characteristics, for example, tail feather configuration, beak type, wing shape, head crest, foot size, and so on.

Junk modelling

I build them using corrugated cardboard from ripped up old boxes, and any other interesting junk cardboard I can lay my hands on. I use newspaper, bits of old milk cartons, and so on. I construct them using PVA glue, masking tape and occasionally staples to hold the underlying structure together. I’m a whizz with a Stanley knife and I should say that some of these birds are fortified with splatterings of the artist’s genuine A negative blood. It’s a very messy business – ripping and sticking – and I love it! Each bird is finished with artist’s quality acrylic paint, and finally sealed with 3 coats of hardwearing acrylic varnish.

Each paper mache figure is free-standing or free-hanging. If they get dusty, just wipe them clean. They will tolerate a certain amount of handling but shouldn’t be dropped, left outside, trodden on, or left in reach of cats or children! They are not toys!

So far I have made puffin, kingfisher, starling, blue-footed booby, goldfinch, hoopoe, all of which have found homes. Golden oriole is still available.

Most of these birds are now sold! But if you’d like me to make a paper mache bird especially for you, just ask meAs each is made from scratch, you should allow me a minimum of 4 weeks to create your bird. Depending on size and complexity they cost between £60 to £110, plus P&P.