• Apr052017
    Easter Island statues by William Hodges, 1775

    Europeans discover Easter Island – 5 April 1722

    The rise and fall of Easter Island is a parable for our times; a warning from history of what happens when…

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  • Sep232010
    Nazca lines

    Nazca lines, grand designs

    On a high desert plateau in the west of Peru are a spectacular series of massive geoglyphs known as the…

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  • Mar072009

    Tikis at the edge of the world

    The French Polynesian islands of the Marquesas, make up the archipelago farthest from any continent in the world, lying more…

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  • Jun012008

    The hills are alive with the sound of birdsong

    We got back from Sardinia at the end of last week after nine fascinating days. From my point of view…

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  • Jan082008

    Midwinter solstice at Abu Simbel

    This blog contains human remains which some readers may find disturbing At 5am on midwinter’s day 2007 we rose happily…

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  • Jun242007

    All that remains

    This weekend was spent scattering the ashes of my best buddy Rebecca who died, aged 38, in January 2007. She…

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  • Jul172006

    Meet Margaret, Queen of Callanish

    Decoder of the stones of Callanish For more than 30 years, initially with her first husband Gerald Ponting and since…

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  • Jul162006
    Callanish: the sky moves sideways

    Painting Callanish

    Callanish is a remarkable neolithic monument on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It is a circle and…

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  • Jan092006

    Seek and ye shall find Jordan Valley dolmens

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    Warning: This is quite a long weblog. However it is lavishly illustrated (a bit further down) for your viewing pleasure.…

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  • Oct132005

    Pink and perfect Petra

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    Seeing is believing. The Rose Red City. The highlight of Jordan. Probably the highlight of the Middle East. Possibly the…

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