Cushions, tea towels and aprons of my paintings!

Cushions, tea towels and aprons of my paintings!
22nd October 2016 Jane Tomlinson
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My new range of stuff is both useful and beautiful

Many people tell me how much they love my paintings (thank you!) but some have no wall space left for new paintings or prints – a problem I know only too well. Others have said “Ooh! that would look great as a tea towel” and I’ve often thought they’re right. Until now I haven’t been able to find a way of creating items without spending a huge amount of cash on ‘stock’.

But recently, I discovered a manufacturer in Sheffield, England, who can print items on demand and post the item directly to my customers – you perhaps?

Aprons | Cushions | Tea towels | Mugs and coasters

Here are some of our favourites:

Photo of Shipping Forecast apron

British birds tea towel

Michael, my emergency dad, likes the Shipping Forecast apron best. He’s an excellent cook, a wine connoisseur and an experienced yachtsman who loves the shipping forecast for its poetry and for keeping him safe – so what could be better!

My mum, Janet, a fine British bird in her own right, loves the British Birds tea towel. She has a soft spot for our feathery friends and can now admire their beautiful plumage while drying the dishes from Michael’s cooking!

British wildlife tea towel

Photo of Bird of Paradise cushionYoung Alf thinks the British wildlife tea towel is best. He likes being outside and loves learning all about the wonderful creatures we share our country with. His mum, Charly, says their garden regularly has a hedgehog visiting it, but so far it has a habit of only turning up after Alfie’s bedtime!

Alex, my first nephew, loves the Bird of Paradise cushion. He’s recently become a vegan because of his love of the natural world and awareness of endangered creatures and habitats. He loves the bright colours and is a laid back kind of bloke….

Shakespeare tea towelHis brother George, my second nephew, can’t decide between this All Shakespeare’s Plays tea towel and the Shakespeare’s British Plays tea towel… and no wonder! Georgie is studying theatre, dance and music.

My husband, Moth, loves my British Mammals coasters and the British butterflies mug – it does show lots of his lepidoptera relatives, after all!

Of course, I am completely biased and love the entire range of shipping forecast goodies best! ‘Attention All Shipping‘ is still my favourite painting of everything I’ve done, so as well as prints to adorn your walls, I now have cushions, tea towels, aprons, mugs and greetings cards.

These British-made items will make a unique addition to your home, as well as beautiful, unusual gifts. And you can only get them here.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my new range. See the whole range!

Important notes

  • No hidden costs! The prices you see INCLUDE VAT and POSTAGE (by Royal Mail second class ‘Signed For’).
  • Order early! I will be away from 25 November 2016 until mid December and will be unable to process your order during this time. So if you’re thinking about Christmas pressies (dare I mention Christmas?!) please order well in advance. I really don’t want you to be disappointed.
  • Not in the UK? If you’re not in the UK, contact me and we’ll calculate a price for you with international postage.