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  • Sep172016

    How I made my painting of the shipping forecast

    Discover how I made my painting of the UK shipping forecast, ‘Attention All Shipping’ in this blog which includes lots of photos of the work in progress.

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  • May142016
    Heavens Above - a map of the stars

    Constellations of the Northern sky

    Read about Jane’s painting ‘Heavens Above’ a map painted in watercolour of the constellations of the Northern sky.

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  • Mar222016

    The Starling Variations

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    The starling is such an overlooked little bird, often regarded as quite unremarkable, but I think they're marvellous. I have…

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  • Mar042016

    Artweeks in Eynsham 2016

    Find out which artists are taking part in Artweeks – Oxfordshire’s visual arts festival – in Eynsham this May.

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  • Jul052015

    A map of the shipping forecast

    My map of the UK shipping forecast combines my interest with cartography, typography, nature and history. If you love weather,…

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  • Mar292015
    iCan - a hand painted water can

    iCan – a self-portrait as a folk artist

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    My iCan is a self-portrait in the folk art style; a picture of me in the form of all the…

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  • Oct142014

    Clogs. Wooden shoe know it

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    Clogs: solid practical wooden footwear which used to be worn by people who worked on the land especially in the…

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  • Sep122014

    Wharf Stream Way waymarker post

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    In June, I submitted a design to be carved as a waymarker post  as part of the The Wharf Stream…

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  • Apr252014

    What is a drypoint: badgers and bluebells

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    What is drypoint print? How do you make one? I explain in this blog.

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  • Apr112010
    Zebra running detail 3

    Zebra running

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    We were at Crater Lake game reserve near Naivasha, Kenya,in March 2010, a place where, with a guide, you can…

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