Animal map greetings cards

Animal map of the world – 3 greetings cards

Animal map of the world – 3 greetings cards


A pack of 3 greetings cards of my painting Animal map of the world.

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A pack of three greetings cards of my watercolour painting ‘Animal map of the world‘, which was a commission for Mini Map-Makers.

Each card measures 7″ x 5″, is blank inside and comes with an envelope. They come in packs of 3 to give you the very best value, and the price you see includes P&P. For anyone who loves the world’s diverse creatures this card will be enjoyed hugely.

The painting shows the following creatures:  brown bear, bison, striped skunk, monarch butterfly, keel-billed toucan, red-eyed tree frog, green iguana, southern tamandua, guanaco, Commerson’s dolphin, carmine bee-eater, dromedary camel, scarab beetle, African elephant, giraffe, ring-tailed lemur, reindeer, red fox, great-spotted woodpecker, Przewalski’s horse, grey wolf, Japanese red-crowned crane, peregrine falcon, panda, Bengal tiger, Arabian oryx, Indian cobra, red kangaroo, kiwi, flying fox, gentoo penguin, king penguins, salmon, sunfish, sealion, humpback whale, Atlantic puffin, cod, green turtle, bluemarlin, Commerson’s dolphin, chambered nautilus, waved albatross, white shark, whale shark, orca, manta ray, yellow tang, clown fish, narwal, ringed seal, polar bear, eider duck, and walrus! Can you spot them all?

The Animal map of the world is also available as a print.

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