Tall hedges at St Martins, Scilly

A view of Middle Town

Tall hedges at St Martins, Scilly Isles

Tall hedges at St Martins, Scilly Isles


An original painting – acrylic ink and watercolour on paper – size 540mm x 335mm.  Price includes P&P to UK addresses.


This is a painting of the tall hedges at Middle Town on St Martins, one of the Isles of Scilly, a small archipelago on the south western tip of the UK. The tall, thick hedges of Pittosporum enclose tiny fields and act as windbreaks sheltering the flowers grown within them from Atlantic storms and gusts.

We visited St Martins, Scilly, in June 2016 and I was captivated by the place! It’s got everything I love: exquisite empty beaches, sweet stone and white-washed cottages with neat colourful gardens, as well as cascades of wild flowers vigorously blooming in the verges, wild rocky outcrops and tangled, uncultivated higher land.

In this painting, which is a view from the island’s ‘main’ road (it’s mostly a footpath, but the island’s few vehicles use it too) I’ve tried to capture just a few of St Martin’s charms. In one of those fields bounded by tall hedges, is St Martin’s lovely campsite.

Already planning another trip. Scilly is so addictive!