Kissing trees on Pigeon House Lane

A view down a lane in late April

Kissing trees on Pigeon House Lane

Kissing trees on Pigeon House Lane


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The original painting in watercolour and acrylic inks, size 325mm x 335mm is sold.


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By late April the trees on Pigeon House Lane, where I live, are in leaf and have enclosed the lane. Their branches reach out to kiss each other, forming a tunnel, or a great leafy hug! Light filters through, dappling the lane with shade and offering sunny spots for cow parsley to bloom in the spring sunshine.

In my painting ‘Kissing trees on Pigeon House Lane’ I have shown the lane as it exits Freeland in West Oxfordshire, on its way to Church Hanborough, just half a mile away.

Painted during lockdown 2020, watching the arrival of spring on Pigeon House Lane has been a joy on my permitted daily exercise during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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