Paper mache badger

Paper mache badger

Paper mache brown hare

Paper mache brown hare

An original hand-made, one-off, sculpture. Price includes tracked & ‘signed for’ P&P to UK addresses.


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About the paper mache brown hare

This paper mache brown hare (Lepus europaeusis) is designed to make you smile! Hand built in paper mache, using a variety of junk modelling techniques, he’s painted in acrylic and finished with 3 coats of tough varnish. He stands 340mm tall.

To avoid predators, nature has equipped brown hares with a variety of acute senses – huge ears, 360 degree vision and massive back legs. They can run at 45 mph! All these characteristics have been carefully reproduced in my sculpture. Brown hares live throughout Europe and Asia in lowland pasture, and were introduced to England, Wales and Scotland from Europe in the Iron Age. The native UK hare species is the mountain hare, which is now found on moors and upland habitats.

Throughout history the hare has appeared as a central character in many countries’ folklore, often associated with the moon, fertility, and rebirth.

About brown hares

Brown hares have been badly affected in the UK and Europe by modern intensive farming methods; monocultures, pesticides, and machinery. They have little conservation protection – many farmers consider them to be a pest and shooting is common. And despite the banning of hare coursing (hunting hares with dogs) in 2002, there are many meat-headed idiots who still consider the persecution and terrorising of wildlife to be ‘sport’. A pox on them!

Paper mache brown hare care

If he gets dusty, just wipe him clean. He shouldn’t be dropped, left outside, trodden on, exposed to long periods of dampness, or left in reach of pets or children! Despite his irresistable cuteness, he is not a toy.