Planet Earth - pack of 3 greetings cards

Planet Earth – 3 greetings cards

Planet Earth – 3 greetings cards


A pack of colourful greetings cards featuring 3 different paintings I made about planet earth: ‘Life on Planet Three’, ‘Voyage of the Beagle‘ and ‘The Wallace Line‘. These cards are suitable for anyone who loves Planet Earth (surely that’s everyone!) and for any occasion. Cards measure 150mm x 150mm, come with an envelope and are blank inside. P&P to UK addresses is included in the price.

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A pack of 3 greetings cards of my paintings of planet earth: ‘Life on Planet Three’, ‘Voyage of the Beagle‘, and ‘The Wallace Line‘. Celebrate the earth’s biodiversity! Each card measures 150mm x 150 mm and comes with an envelope. Cards are blank inside for you to add your own message. P&P to UK addresses is included in the price.

Voyage of the Beagle

A celebration of Charles Darwin’s epic voyage around the coast of South America in HMS Beagle, captained by Sir Robert Fitzroy. This amazing journey would give the young Darwin much of the knowledge he needed to form his theory of evolution by natural selection, changing the course of natural science.

The Wallace Line

This painting celebrates the incredible work of my hero, the scandalously unsung Alfred Russel Wallace. Wallace came up with the theory of natural selection independently of Darwin and established the study of biogeography. Darwin gave credit to Wallace, but history has still largely forgotten him.

The Wallace Line itself is a biogeographical boundary that separates Asia and Australia. During his travels through the Indonesian archipelago in the mid 19th century, Wallace observed that to the west of the island of Lombok only Asiatic species occur, and that to the east of Bali is a mixture of Asiatic and Australian species. You can find out more about Wallace in my blog.

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