Prehistoric stampede

A painting of prehistoric horses on a cave wall

Prehistoric stampede

Prehistoric stampede


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About ‘Prehistoric stampede’

In my painting ‘Dig on Down‘ I investigated our place in the natural world and our relationship with horses. In painting that, I intrigued myself with the prehistoric cave art of Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain, and wanted to look harder some more. The cave paintings were made 20,000-years ago by our ancestors before ‘art’ as we know it today existed. I also looked at an Exmoor pony called Nutmeg who lives at the end of the lane where I live. She looks just like a tarpan – a species of extinct wild horse – and like one of the horses painted on the cave walls. The result is this painting ‘Prehistoric stampede’. I used deep, rich, glowing earthy colours.

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