Squirrel and oak

Squirrel and oak

Squirrel and oak


A limited edition handmade drypoint print, tinted with watercolour – 40cm x 30cm – price includes P&P to UK addresses

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My dad gave me an oak sapling in a pot that he’d germinated from an acorn while he was experimenting with vernalisation. (Google it!) Some years later, to see a squirrel hanging in its branches, and birds and moths grubbing about among its leaves, it felt complete. And now my father is gone, the tree is a permanent reminder of the life he gave not only to me, but other species too.

The moth shown is an elephant hawk moth.

Some people don’t like grey squirrels. I don’t get this. They’re here now and not going to go anywhere, so persecuting them won’t make a blind bit of difference. Get over it and enjoy their beauty, their acrobatics, and the fact they are a new and excellent food source for many of the UK’s predators.

What is a drypoint?