The Thames at Swinford Bridge

The Thames at Swinford Bridge

The Thames at Swinford Bridge


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This is a view of the Thames looking upstream from Eynsham Lock towards Swinford Bridge, a beautiful 18th century Georgian structure of local honey-coloured stone. In the foreground angelica is in bloom at the water’s edge, and a small tortoiseshell butterfly has come to feed on its nectar. This is such an exquisite part of the Thames and I have spent many happy hours here fishing with my son, watching the boats pass by, swimming in hot weather, birdwatching with my husband, picnicking with my old friend Bec. Walk upstream from here and be delighted at every step with wildflowers, willows, reeds and sedges, lilies, and all manner of insects and birds.

During lockdown there has been no river traffic and hardly any vehicles going over the bridge. It’s been magic.

Painted in late June 2020 as lockdown eased.

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