Thunderstorm approaching Pinsley Woods

A painting of stormy weather and billowing clouds

Thunderstorm approaching Pinsley Woods

Thunderstorm approaching Pinsley Woods

An original painting – watercolour with acrylic inks on paper. SOLD


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Thunderstorm approaching Pinsley Woods

People just love the woods. Woods and forest seem like a places of sanctuary to me. Pinsley Woods near Church Hanborough, Oxfordshire, is the closest woodland to my home in Eynsham. It is a much-loved relic of the ancient Forest of Wychwood. It was still being coppiced in the 18th century, but now it’s nature reserve and is well-known locally for its springtime bluebell gorgeousness.

Pinsley boasts exceptional biodiversity – plant species such as wood anemones, dogroses, violets and foxgloves, as well as birds: goldcrests, jays, barn owls, tits and woodpeckers. Large mammals like roe deer and muntjacs are commonplace, and although I have never seen them, I suspect badgers too.

My painting depicts a highly stylised thunderstorm approaching the woods from the east, with heavy rain lashing down from billowing black clouds. A bolt of lightning strikes a tree. The clouds are painted with reference to The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur, whose lively visual language I find exceptionally appealing. The swirling clouds in the sky always take me back to wheeling swirls of van Gogh’s Starry Nights.

The crows, startled by the thunder, rise from the canopy on the left of the painting, which is still in sunshine.



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