White horse brown hare

White horse brown hare

White horse brown hare


A digital image of a watercolour, available as a DOWNLOAD only. Size 2430 x 2484px, at 300 dpi. It is suitable for you to create wall art from supplier such as Bonusprint. See terms of use below. After your payment has been received, I will email you a link from where you can download the digital image.


The original watercolour, now sold, is of a brown hare in the magical landscape around the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire. The ancient chalky Ridgeway path snakes its way up onto the horizon under a bright moon rising. Is that a hare in the moon?

It is available to DOWNLOAD only as a jpg, at size 2430pxls x 2484 pxls, at 300dpi.

Terms of use

The downloaded image is for you to create a one-off wall art project for personal or home use, for example: a printed canvas, single poster, or print on acrylic or wood panel. It may NOT be used for commercial purposes.