Wish you were here

a painting of a magpie with fairies

Wish you were here

Wish you were here


An original painting has already found a home. Digital copies are available for you to print at a format and size of your choice. Read more… If you need help creating your print just ask! 

Greetings cards and postcards are available of this painting.


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About “Wish you were here”

“Wish you were here” is painting of an imagined still life in watercolour, created during the third UK lockdown in January and February 2021. In it, I have tried to express some of the longing I feel to see my family and friends again as we are all all isolation, and the passing of this long time. How I wish they were here – or I was there!

‘Wish you were here’ is full of symbolism. There are two teacups, but only one contains tea, and two star shaped lebkuchen to wish upon now, to share when that day finally comes when we can meet up again. The dandelions in the vase represent the passing of time. The dandelion clock (the one that has gone to seed) is especially symbolic. When you blow a dandelion clock and disperse the seeds, it is said you can make a wish.

Remember those old fashioned ‘greetings from’ postcards? They were very popular in the US in the 1960s and 70s. I couldn’t resist putting one of those in – doesn’t matter where it’s from, just from somewhere else.

On the plate are two star-shaped lebkuchen – stars you can wish upon and are always best when shared, of course.

The goldfish bowl is a direct reference to a lyric in Pink Floyd’s 1975 song “Wish you were here”: “How I wish, how I wish you were here, We’re just two lost souls, Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year…”

In ‘Home thoughts, from abroad’ poet Robert Browning says: “That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over …All will be gay when noontide wakes anew.”

I wanted to place a bird on the full teacup to represent the one living in isolation – me or you perhaps? -just waiting for that joyous time when we can see each other again.  In spring the song thrush sings the most beautiful song. Imagine how our hearts will sing when we meet! But in my painting the Wise Thrush is not singing.

The Willow Pattern teacup is borrowed from my mum. And the Indian Tree teacup belonged to my grandmother, but is now mine.

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