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Buy a digital image of one of my paintings for single, personal or domestic use

Buy a digital image – and print it yourself
28th November 2019 Jane Tomlinson
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Here’s a print on canvas of my painting ‘Long Grass at White Horse Hill‘, the original of which hangs in Canada. My customer took his printed canvas to hang at his home in France.

These days more companies than ever offer personalised, often one-off, printing of an image. Suppliers like PhotoBox, Bonusprint, TruPrint and My Picture have a massive choice of substrates: prints on paper, metal, canvas and more, and at loads of different sizes. People are now familiar with buying one-off personalised prints this way.

Order the print yourself – stay in control – and have it delivered swiftly to your home

Recently I have been asked by a number of customers of they can buy a digital image of one of my paintings so that they can order a print themselves, perhaps a canvas of a certain size. The answer is of course “yes”! The cost of a single digital image for one-time use for personal or domestic enjoyment is £40.

Buy a digital image

Please contact me here or message me through my Facebook page with the title of the painting you’d like to use, and I can usually respond to you within hours. I will send you your chosen digital image after I have received the payment.

Which painting would like a print of?

Copyright & terms

I own the copyright on all my paintings – even if the actual, physical painting has been bought – and the copyright is retained by me, its creator, for 70 years after I’ve shuffled off my mortal coil, which I hope is a long time off!

All digital images of my paintings are my property under UK copyright law. Please respect me and the images I take many hours to create. The purchase of a digital image is a contractual agreement between the copyright owner (me) and you, the customer, which grants you licence to use the digital image as agreed (one-off personal or domestic use). After you have had your print made, you agree to delete the digital image from your files. Thank you.