• Dec092015

    The death of Mary Leakey – 9 December 1996

    No matter who we are and what we think, the beautiful truth is that we are all children of Africa.…

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  • Nov202015
    Shakespeare map painting

    All the plays of Shakespeare

    A painting of all the plays of Shakespeare as a map with the plays shown in their approximate location.

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  • Nov072015
    Alfred Russel Wallace

    The death of Alfred Russel Wallace – 7 November 1913

    How and why do species change? Why do some occur in some places, but not in others? Why do they…

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  • Oct232015
    Jane Elizabeth Hodgson

    The death of Dr Jane Elizabeth Hodgson – 23 October 2006

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    There are many reasons why a pregnancy may be unwanted. A woman may have no access to contraception or already…

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  • Jul022015

    Amelia Earhart disappears – 2 July 1937

    “…first lady of the skies,  she had no guy holding her down, no one could clip her wings, she was…

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  • Feb032015
    johannes gutenberg

    The death of Johannes Gutenberg – 3 February 1468

    Where would humanity be without the stone axe, the wheel, the plough, the compass and the steam engine? Likewise the…

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  • Oct142014

    The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest – 14 October 1066

    The British Isles has a long history of invaders: Angles, Danes, Saxons, Vikings. But on the 28 September 1066, when…

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  • May082014
    Paul Gauguin self portrait

    The death of Paul Gauguin – 8 May 1903

    “In art, all who have done something other than their predecessors have merited the epithet of ‘revolutionary’; and it is…

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  • Dec172013
    Mohamed Bouazizi

    The self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi – 17 December 2010

    What a magic carpet ride it was for our brothers and sisters in North Africa and the Middle East. Egypt’s…

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  • Dec122013
    greenham common women

    Greenham Common Peace Women ‘Embrace the Base’

    A cold day in the Cold War The 12th December 1982 was cold. Not really the kind of day to…

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