• Feb202008
    David Attenborough

    A moment with David Attenborough

    Last night I dreamt me and Moth arrived in New Zealand and met David Attenborough, who was expecting us and…

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  • Mar282022

    Meet Margaret, Queen of Callanish

    This blog first published in July 2006. Republish in March 2022. UPDATE: Margaret died in March 2022, aged 80. Read…

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  • Jun242007

    All that remains

    This weekend was spent scattering the ashes of my best buddy Rebecca who died, aged 38, in January 2007. She…

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  • Mar182007
    Robben Island

    A visit to Robben Island

    Guided tours of visitor attractions can be pretty ropey. They can feel like the guide is simply reading meaningless words…

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  • Jan112007

    Remembering Rebecca

    Rebecca van der Putt, known to her friends as Bec or treaclechops, was my best mate. And now she’s gone,…

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  • Nov012006

    Velazquez at the National Gallery

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    Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez (1599-1660) was one helluva painter. The exhibition of his paintings at the National Gallery…

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