• Aug062020

    “As the Crow Flies” – a signpost installation lockdown project

    Discover more about “As the Crow Flies” Jane’s new folk art installation signpost outside her house. It measures distances to places that are significant or meaningful to the artist. Made during lockdown, Jane says it’s a signpost to the world!

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  • Feb142018

    The death of Captain James Cook – 14 February 1779

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    “Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” Whatever…

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  • Jan132018

    Guns ‘n’ roses: the murder of Joan Root – 13 January 2006

    On this day in 2006, 69-year-old Joan Root lay alone bleeding to death from gunshot wounds at her home on…

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  • Apr052017
    Easter Island statues by William Hodges, 1775

    Europeans discover Easter Island – 5 April 1722

    The rise and fall of Easter Island is a parable for our times; a warning from history of what happens when…

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  • Jan082017

    Galapagos: all the fun of the fish market

    There is so much fun to be had watching wildlife at the fish market in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos: pelicans, sea lions, frigatebirds.

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  • Aug112016

    The death of Jane Digby – 11 August 1881

    Here’s a bodice-ripping love story of sex and adventure: the story of Jane Elizabeth Digby, Lady Ellenborough. She died on…

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  • Feb192014

    Birding in The Gambia

    170 different species in just 10 days! In 2013, just as the birds fly south to escape the British winter,…

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  • Sep302013
    Acapulco teapot

    Magic portal teapot

    A visit to the Santiago house of poet Pablo Neruda. Known as the Chilean ‘Shakespeare’ and revered as that nation’s…

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  • Mar212010
    naivasha poor housing

    The terrible price of Kenyan flowers

    Not so long ago, roses were expensive. Now you can get six blooms for £5 at my local Tescos. The…

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  • Mar082009

    Paul Gauguin’s grave

    French artist Paul Gauguin is buried on the Marquesan island of Hiva Oa in French Polynesia. I’ve had a strange…

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