• Jun142011
    Emmeline Pankhurst

    The death of Emmeline Pankhurst – 14 June 1928

    Today, we remember one of the most important British women of the 20th century who died on this day, 1928.…

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  • May302011
    Joan of Arc

    The burning of Joan of Arc – 30 May 1431

    “Whatever thing men call great, look for it in Joan of Arc, and there you will find it.” – Mark…

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  • May192011

    The beheading of Anne Boleyn – 19 May 1536

    Four-hundred and seventy-five years ago today, Anne Boleyn knelt upright on a scaffold in the Tower of London on the…

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  • Feb042011
    Meena Keshwar Kamal

    Remembering Meena Keshwar Kamal

    In 1989, as a 26-year-old, I first truly understood what it was like to be disrespected because I am a…

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