Clogs. Wooden shoe know it

Painting a pair of clogs in the folk art style

Clogs. Wooden shoe know it
14th October 2014 Jane Tomlinson

Clogs: solid practical wooden footwear which used to be worn by people who worked on the land especially in the Netherlands and Sweden.

I happened to acquire a pair and thought I’d give them the old ‘folk art’ treatment, just for a bit of fun. One turned out to be gift for a special friend who has a special interest in those two wonderful countries.

IMG_8593So, take your clog, which you have sanded and primed, and draw out your design. Mine featured a sunflower, a bird, a jaguar and a teapot.





Put on some great music, apply the first lines of colour, and just keep painting, painting, painting… I’m using acrylic paint. but you could use oils or enamels.

IMG_8595IMG_8596 IMG_8599









Here it is from one side…





…and the other.






Now you know how much fun that was to paint, start on the other clog.






Give them two or three coats of yacht varnish over the course of 3 days and there you have it. A nice pair of weatherproof clogs.







Wooden shoe know it.

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