Condoms, education and partial vegetarianism

My holy trinity for saving the planet

Condoms, education and partial vegetarianism
27th August 2009 Jane Tomlinson

Global over-population

August 2009: According to new stats from the ONS, the UK’s population is now more than 61million. This makes me sad. I’ve blogged about the subject of global over population before because it’s something I feel so strongly about. We (and I don’t just mean the British, I mean everyone) need to limit the number of children we have.

Population control is a politically sensitive subject that is rarely discussed. But it should be because it is fundamental to understanding food shortages, climate change and extinctions. Here’s a great article about it.

Human rights

Article 16 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights says: men and women have the right to marry and to found a family. And while I – of course – agree with that (indeed, I have enjoyed that right myself) I’m sorry that the Declaration does not hint at numbers of offspring and quality of life. Surely all children born into this wonderful world have the right to live in a world with enough room for all of us to thrive, to live alongside our fellow creatures in peace, and have enough to eat. If we keep on breeding at our current rate, it won’t be a world worth being born into.

I would like to see a UN Universal Declaration of the Right of the Earth:  for the planet not to be over-run by one arrogant, destructive and dominant species, for all its forests to be protected and nurtured, its seas to be kept clean and well-stocked, its species to be cherished and nurtured.

I’ve thought about this a lot and would like to suggest that answer to many of the world’s problems can be solved by applying three things: condoms, education and partial vegetarianism. This may be a simplistic view, but actually if you care to think about it for a minute or two you’ll get it.

  • Condoms limit population,  disease.
  • Education for all because people need to know as many facts as possible to make informed choices.
  • And partial vegetarianism to reduce the number of creatures we farm, the plunder and rape of seas, and the forests we clear, and cut greenhouse gases. (The meat industry produces more carbon emissions than all other activity.)

Condoms, education and partial vegetarianism. My holy trinity. You heard it here first!