Dancing in the streets of Outjo

A young man with a kit made of paint tins gives masterclass in drumming

Dancing in the streets of Outjo
22nd March 2007 Jane Tomlinson

outjo-drummerThe inventiveness of people who have very little is astonishing.

This young man had no money for a drum kit and virtually no chance of getting into a band that will earn him a living wage. Instead, undaunted by these obstacles, he’s built his own drum kit using old oil cans, paint tins and bits of scrap metal. And every time a tourist bus pulls up in the small, remote town of Outjo in Namibia, he quickly sets up his drum kit and gets drumming.

As well as his genius entrepreneurial drive, he was an extraordinarily talented drummer. We emptied the contents of our wallet into his tatty shoe and me and Scott got dancing:

If anyone with any influence in the music industry happens to be reading this (unlikely) get to Outjo now, find this charming and talented bloke and give him a contract!