Eynsham Tea Towel

A useful and beautiful souvenir of this lovely west Oxfordshire village

The Eynsham tea towel
21st August 2016 Jane Tomlinson

Eynsham souvenir tea towelIn 2010 I drew a quirky map of Eynsham, the village where I live in west Oxfordshire, just for fun. I published my hand-drawn map on the off-chance that some of my friends and neighbours might like a copy of it and see our village immortalised on paper. They did!

Eynsham is not well-known but it has a history, character and charm that makes it unique and, it’s also very beautiful. So when I was recently creating a range of products with my paintings printed on them, as I have a soft spot for souvenir tea towels I thought one of our lovely, unsung village would be fab.

I used various elements of paintings I have done of Eynsham over the years and put them all together to create this design. We had a sample product made and it’s great!

Eynsham souvenir tea towelWhen my husband Moth and I were out and about the village square photographing it, as I held it aloft for a snap, a woman walked past and spotted it. “Ooh! Where did you get that?!” she asked. She loved it and even agreed that we could talk a photo of her with it (pictured right).  Thanks Pam!

You can ONLY get the Eynsham souvenir tea towel from me. If you’re in Eynsham you can call in at our house (see contact page for where we are) or I’ll post one to you for £12 to UK addresses. This price includes postage.

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