The hills are alive with the sound of birdsong

Sardinia: stones, flower-filled meadows and the sound of birdsong

The hills are alive with the sound of birdsong
1st June 2008 Jane Tomlinson

lilolghi-bannerJune 2008: We got back from Sardinia at the end of last week after nine fascinating days. From my point of view there’s plenty to see and do.

We did a good deal of stone-hugging; ancient monuments litter the mountainous landscape. Here’s me at Li Lolghi tomba di giganti.

And this is Coddhu Vecchju:

But rather than bore you pictures of the zillions of monuments we visited which you can read about here, I’ll tell you about the marvellous things you can see in the remote places where they are located. In late May, the grasses are tall, lush and green and filled with flowers:

How lovely is this?!

and of course with all those blooms the place is crawling with birds and insects:

Darwin would have had a ball collecting all the beetles we saw.

I lost count of the different varieties of grasses I saw…

…but I was most inspired by the delicate beauty of the quaking grass:

Check out this lime green crickety thing:

Chunky or what!

And with Sardinia being so hot and rocky, it was no surprise to find that the lizards ruled:

We saw hundreds of these.

The soundtrack to our travels was the constant birdsong – I’ve never heard anything like it. The nightingales especially made a big impression on me. Never saw one though.

And of none of that interests you, you can always get your teeth into some teenagers: