Scilly Automatic

Jane's epic search for a coastal weather station

Scilly Automatic
8th July 2016 Moth Clark
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Where is Scilly Automatic?

Attention all shippingIn June we had a lovely holiday in the Isles of Scilly. You can read about the trip in ‘The Isles of Scilly‘ blog, but while we were there enjoying the peace and the nature, Jane had a special project on the go.

Having painted her map of the Shipping Forecast ‘Attention all shipping’ last year, Jane was on a mission for the whole holiday to find the meteorological coastal station ‘Scilly Automatic’ (a phrase that has always amused her). Coastal stations gather weather data for the Met Office for use in the Shipping Forecast, and are shown as red dots on Jane’s painting.

After a week of continually questioning local people, historians and boatmen, on the very last day she found out where it is. And luckily, considering we were flying out – it’s at the airport! I pointed out that we should’ve just Googled it, but the quest to find Scilly Automatic was actually fun!

So here it is… I give you Scilly Automatic Coastal Station!!!

Photo of Scilly Automatic coastal station

Jane's sketch of the path to the Seven Stones pub on St Martin's


Interestingly, Scilly Automatic is no longer mentioned in the shipping forecast, having been replaced by the Seven Stones Light Vessel. Funnily enough, one of our favourites of the few pubs we visited is named after it, the Seven Stones on St Martin’s. Jane even painted a sketch of it!

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