Signed prints of some of my most popular paintings

Signed prints of original paintings by Jane Tomlinson
25th February 2021 Jane Tomlinson
In Process and products

Signed prints are available of some of my most popular paintings.

Bird migration map
Bird Migration Map
Brighten a bare wall with a
colourful print of
an original painting!

All prints available at size A2
£36 each (including P&P to UK)
unless otherwise indicated.
teacup for your storm

A teacup for your storm
size 270mm x 274mm £35

Shipping forecast
Most popular ever!
Attention All Shipping! –
a painting of the shipping forecast!

also at size A1 £45
Magpie Song - a painting of the magpie rhyme
Magpie Song
Weather Map painting
Weather Map – folklore and fact
Brexit Forecast

Brexit Forecast

Meadow brown hares - painting by Jane Tomlinson

Meadow brown hares
signed prints – size 420mm x 420mm £35

British Wildlife, map
Wildlife of the British Isles
Map of Oxfordshire
Map of Oxfordshire
Animal map of the world
Animal Map of the World
Map of Mull by Jane Tomlinson
Map of Mull
Spring garden patrol, Eynsham
Spring Garden Patrol
Puffin parade

Puffin parade

meadow opposite
The Meadow Opposite
size 420mm x 420mm £35
Best of British - a painting of 50 things to love about Britain
Best of British –
50 things to love about Britain
British Crows painting

British Crows

British rivers - a painted map by Jane Tomlinson
British Rivers
British finches painting

British finches

Out in All Weathers
Out in All Weathers

signed prints – size 420mm x 420mm £35
British Thrushes
British Thrushes
the life and works of Vincent van Gogh
The life and works of Vincent van Gogh
 British tits
British tits
Gower map
Map of the Gower
British Owls
British Owls
British Rock Music painting
British Rock Music

also at size A1 £45
Autumn fox
Autumn fox
size 420mmm x 190mm
State Birds of the USA

State birds of the USA

Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure
Dig on Down - a painting about nature, history and archaeology
Dig on down
The Green Revolution starts here
The Green Revolution starts here
size A3 – £25
The Green Man's Hat
The Green Man’s Hat
Shakespeare map painting
Map of all the plays
of William Shakespeare
Galapagos map
Galapagos map
Shakespeare's British Plays
Shakespeare’s British Plays
Shakespeare's Italian Plays
Shakespeare’s Italian Plays

Prints are made on paper from sustainable sources, with 100% vegetable oil-based inks. For packaging, I use paper, card, recycled or recycleable materials. Things like this matter greatly to me. It took me years to find the triangular postal ‘tubes’ that I now use as standard. It’s like receiving a giant toblerone!