Signs of the times

Warnings, general information, and sometimes highly amusing. No one does signs as well as Africa.

Signs of the times
13th April 2007 Jane Tomlinson

I love signs. Some can be tourist attractions in their own right. Here’s me and Moth at – well, you can read where.

And crossing Capricorn in Namibia in the mid-day heat:

Some signs warn against elephants – here’s one in Botswana – and we really did see elephants roaming free outside the boundaries of reserves.

And here’s me walking on a pontoon leading to a rudimentary floating bar on the Zambezi in Namibia. We were camping – unfenced – on the riverside not 20 metres away from this, by the way…

I love the homemade nature of this one we spotted in Botswana. Check out that text:

‘You can be left totally wasted’. Words more suitable for a warning against substance abuse, perhaps?

And this is just plain bizarre:

Perhaps the sign writer was totally wasted?

Photos: Scott Anderson, Lynn Accuardi, Moth Clark and me

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