Skin deep

Tattoo designs based on my paintings

Skin deep
22nd May 2013 Jane Tomlinson

SarahslegtattooMy paintings have, quite literally, been getting under the skin of two admirers of my work.

I was sent photos by two young women who had, quite independently of each other, had my paintings tattooed on their bodies!

Emma from Oxford who has recently completed a natural sciences degree was drawn to my painting of starlings in flight called ‘Murmuration’. Emma is bonkers about birds and when she saw my painting decided to have design tattooed quite large on her back! (Pictured above.)

Sarah from London chose to have a tattoo of the whole of my painting ‘A Grand View of Life at Oxford’s Natural History Museum‘ made on her leg. The original painting is a complex composition which knits together animals and the beautiful architecture of the University Museum, which currently under restoration.

“I love the way the image all fits together” says Sarah, whose right leg is now adorned with colourful fish, birds and butterflies copied from Jane’s painting, thanks to the superb needlework of Rob Sutherland of Tattoo Living Image in Greenwich