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  • Mar082009

    Jacques Brel’s grave

    Jacques who? I knew nothing of Jacques Brel until I kept bumping into him during my research into the Marquesan…

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  • Mar282022

    Meet Margaret, Queen of Callanish

    This blog first published in July 2006. Republish in March 2022. UPDATE: Margaret died in March 2022, aged 80. Read…

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  • Jan092006

    Seek and ye shall find Jordan Valley dolmens

    Warning: This is quite a long weblog. However it is lavishly illustrated (a bit further down) for your viewing pleasure.…

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  • Oct302005

    Hidden treasures

    In an age of celebrity, where people are famous for just being famo...

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  • Oct132005

    Pink and perfect Petra

    Seeing is believing. The Rose Red City. The highlight of Jordan. Probably the highlight of the Middle East. Possibly the…

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