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  • Sep302013
    Acapulco teapot

    Magic portal teapot

    A visit to the Santiago house of poet Pablo Neruda. Known as the Chilean ‘Shakespeare’ and revered as that nation’s…

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  • Mar292012

    The death of Captain Robert Falcon Scott – 29 March 1912

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    In the 1960s space was the final frontier. But just 50 years earlier, the final frontier was the South Pole.…

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  • Mar082009

    Jacques Brel’s grave

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    Jacques who? I knew nothing of Jacques Brel until I kept bumping into him during my research into the Marquesan…

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  • Mar072009

    Tikis at the edge of the world

    The French Polynesian islands of the Marquesas, make up the archipelago farthest from any continent in the world, lying more…

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  • Jan082008

    Midwinter solstice at Abu Simbel

    This blog contains human remains which some readers may find disturbing At 5am on midwinter’s day 2007 we rose happily…

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  • Jan012008

    A felucca called Dolphin

    I first went to Egypt in July 2000. One of the highlights of that trip was four days’ sailing on…

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  • Oct282007
    Detail from Vincent's starry night over the Rhon

    Starry night over the Rhone revisited

    Last month, as you know, Moth and I went to Arles in southern France for a van Gogh hunting trip.…

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  • Sep242007

    Postcard from Arles: the Road to Tarascon

    9 September 2007  The road to Tarascon heads north out of Arles from Place Lamartine, which in 1888 was the…

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  • Jan092006

    Seek and ye shall find Jordan Valley dolmens

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    Warning: This is quite a long weblog. However it is lavishly illustrated (a bit further down) for your viewing pleasure.…

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  • Oct302005

    Hidden treasures

    In an age of celebrity, where people are famous for just being famo...

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