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  • Dec092015

    The death of Mary Leakey – 9 December 1996

    No matter who we are and what we think, the beautiful truth is that we are all children of Africa.…

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  • Feb192014

    Birding in The Gambia

    170 different species in just 10 days! Last week, just as the birds fly south to escape the British winter,…

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  • Mar212010
    naivasha roses

    The terrible price of Kenyan flowers

    Not so long ago, roses were expensive. Now you can get six blooms for £4 at my local Tescos. The…

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  • Aug122008

    Quagga – a great striped hope

    One hundred and twenty-five years ago today, on 12 August 1883, the last quagga died in Amsterdam zoo. ...

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  • Jan082008

    Midwinter solstice at Abu Simbel

    This blog contains human remains which some readers may find disturbing At 5am on midwinter’s day 2007 we rose happily…

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  • Jan012008

    A felucca called Dolphin

    I first went to Egypt in July 2000. One of the highlights of that trip was four days’ sailing on…

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  • Mar182007
    Robben Island

    A visit to Robben Island

    Guided tours of visitor attractions can be pretty ropey. They can feel like the guide is simply reading meaningless words…

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