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  • Feb142018

    The death of Captain James Cook – 14 February 1779

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    “Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” Whatever…

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  • Nov072016

    Robert FitzRoy: Captain Fantastic

    Everyone knows what a weather forecast is, most people have heard of Charles Darwin’s Voyage of HMS Beagle, and most British people have heard of the shipping forecast. So it’s very sad to think that more people don’t know about Robert FitzRoy who made all these things possible.

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  • Feb032015
    johannes gutenberg

    The death of Johannes Gutenberg – 3 February 1468

    Where would humanity be without the stone axe, the wheel, the plough, the compass and the steam engine? Likewise the…

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  • Jul032012

    The extinction of the Great Auk – 3 July 1844

    The Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) was once a common and magnificent sight in the sparkling waters of the North Atlantic.…

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  • Jun142012

    Dr John Alexander Tomlinson: obituary

    Plant pathologist, virologist, saviour of the British watercress industry, BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc My father, who died on Tuesday 12…

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  • Mar292012

    The death of Captain Robert Falcon Scott – 29 March 1912

    In the 1960s space was the final frontier. But just 50 years earlier, the final frontier was the South Pole.…

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  • Aug122008

    Quagga – a great striped hope

    One hundred and twenty-five years ago today, on 12 August 1883, the last quagga died in Amsterdam zoo. ...

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  • Mar282022

    Meet Margaret, Queen of Callanish

    This blog first published in July 2006. Republish in March 2022. UPDATE: Margaret died in March 2022, aged 80. Read…

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  • Jun242007

    All that remains

    This weekend was spent scattering the ashes of my best buddy Rebecca who died, aged 38, in January 2007. She…

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  • Jan112007

    Remembering Rebecca

    Rebecca van der Putt, known to her friends as Bec or treaclechops, was my best mate. And now she’s gone,…

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