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  • Feb042008
    Vincent's harvest landscape

    Vincent’s harvest landscape

    I’ve been working on this painting Vincent’s harvest landscape since October and I’ve finally completed it: It’s based on Vincent’s…

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  • Oct282007
    Detail from Vincent's starry night over the Rhon

    Starry night over the Rhone revisited

    Last month, as you know, Moth and I went to Arles in southern France for a van Gogh hunting trip.…

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  • Jul162006
    Callanish: the sky moves sideways

    Painting Callanish

    Callanish is a remarkable neolithic monument on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It is a circle and…

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  • Apr152006
    Making a collagraph

    Making a collagraph

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    A collagraph is a printed image made using a ‘plate’ crafted from collage materials such as paper, cardboard, glue, sand,…

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