Vincent's cafe terrace

A visit to the Cafe Van Gogh in Place du Forum, Arles

Vincent’s cafe terrace then and now
1st October 2007 Jane Tomlinson

This is what Vincent van Gogh’s cafe terrace at night looked like then and now:

Cafe terrace at night  

It was high on my list of places to go when we were in Arles last month:

On our last day in Arles we returned there again as I wanted to make a sketch:

Since we returned home, I have had a composition of it brewing in my mind, based on my sketch, which I finally managed to execute over the past few days:

It’s a drypoint washed with watercolour and I’m absolutely delighted with it. Even my children (my harshest critics) said “Ooooh! Mum!” when I showed it to them. I have made a limited edition of six impressions, measuring 400mm x 300mm. Want one?