Everything stops for tea

Everything stops for tea

Everything stops for tea

Everything stops for tea


An original painting in watercolour on 600gsm paper size 560 x 760mm. The painting comes to you unframed. P&P to UK addresses is included in the price.

A digital image is available for self-printing (at what size and in whatever format you like) for one-off domestic use only for just £25*. Read more about this option. Why not have a print made onto canvas?

Tea towels of this painting will be coming in September 2023. Pre-order now!
of this painting will be coming in November 2023. Pre-order now!

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“Everything stops for tea” is a painting of teacups and teapots.

“Everything stops for tea” is a painting of some classic, vintage crockery – cups and saucers, and teapots – that many Britons will recognise. It’s the recognition of these crockery designs, and the and memories that they evoke, that is the true intention behind this painting. It’s actually not a painting about vintage china at all – it’s about nostalgia. Seeing something familiar from our past can be a portal into the comfort and security we felt at the time. And if you had a happy childhood, as I was lucky enough to have, that makes the memories sweet. So actually the painting is about love, support of family, friends and community, and memories of happy times. Perhaps your Granny had one of the tea sets I’ve illustrated?

In an ever-changing and unpredictable world, something as simple like a cup of tea from a familiar cup can be an anchor and a comfort. And in my world, tea makes everything better.

Perhaps you will recognise – or even use – some of the vintage china I have illustrated?

Top row, left to right

  • • Cornishware teacup and saucer
  • • “Brown Betty” teapot
  • • Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” teacup and saucer

Second row, left to right

  • • Hornsea “Heirloom
  • •”Eternal Beau” sugar bowl
  • • Emma Bridgewater “British Birds” milk jug
  • • Biscuits: pink wafer, Bourbon cream, Rich tea
  • • Wood & Sons “Beryl” teacup and saucer. Created in the 1940s, this classic utilityware was in every village hall, school staff room and canteen across the land – and is still going strong!

Third row, left to right

  • • Gaudy Welsh Blue teapot
  • • Denby “Arabesque
  • • Price & Kensington “English Cottage” teapot

Bottom row, left to right

  • • Clarice Cliff “Honolulu” teacup and saucer
  • • 1953 Queen’s Coronation mug
  • • Willow pattern teacup and saucer

Purchasing options

The original painting is in watercolour on 600gsm paper, size 560 x 760mm.

Prefer a print? A digital image, priced at just £25, is available for self-printing for one-off domestic use only. With a digital image, you can choose the the size and format to suit your walls. Read more about this option.

And tea towels of his painting will be coming in September 2023. Pre-order yours now!

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