Buying a digital image enables you to order a print yourself from an online printer at whatever size and format you like

More online companies than ever before offer personalised printing of images into a choice of formats: prints on paper, metal, canvas and more, and at loads of different sizes.

Buying a digital file is especially good for international customers as it removes the need for costly postage and customs duties.

Manufacturers in Europe include MyPicture, PhotoBox, and Bonusprint. In the US  Shutterfly and Snapfish. In New Zealand Happy Moose and in Australia PhotoBox.

If you buy a single digital file from me it is for one-time use for personal or domestic enjoyment only.
If you want to use one of my images for commercial or business purposes see this page.

  • How much does a digital file cost?

    The cost of a digital file for one-off domestic use is anywhere between £25 to £40. The cost of production of your print will depend on what format and size you choose. As an example, a 40cm x 40cm canvas print will be about £25 to £30. But a smaller print on paper may be £20 or less. Don’t forget the cost of postage, usually between £5 and £10.

  • How to buy a digital file

    Choose the painting you like in the gallery and buy it directly from there.

    Or contact me with the title of the painting you like. I will normally respond to you within hours. I will send you your chosen digital image after I have received your payment.

  • Would you like me to order your print for you?

    If you’re not sure how to order a print from an online printer, I can help. I'll place the order on your behalf and your print will be posted straight to you from the manufacturer.

    I charge a fee of £25 for this service. Contact me and we can discuss what you’d like.


The purchase of a digital file is a contractual agreement between the copyright owner (me) and you, the customer, which grants you licence to use the digital file as agreed (one-off personal or domestic use). After you have had your print made, you must agree to delete the digital file from your computer or device.

Thank you. I own the copyright on all my paintings irrespective of who owns the physical painting.

Please respect me and the images I take many hours to create.