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  • "You really have done a spectacular job on my illustrations - exactly what I asked for, and more!"

    Alice G
    Silver7Mapping, Bedfordshire

  • "Just to let you know the painting arrived today safe and sound. It was a gift for my partner, she is delighted with it. Thanks once again for this beautiful and magical painting."

    Barry C

  • "I have three of Jane’s paintings now. I absolutely love them! Her use of colour is just perfect and she manages to capture the image so perfectly on her painting. My most recent purchase is a tiger for my nephew on his birthday, a piece that will last him a lifetime. I 100% review Jane at five stars! Thank you Jane!! Keep painting!!"


  • "The murmuration has arrived! It's stunning! As predicted, I can't stop looking at it!"

    Carol W

  • "I finally got to see your work ‘in the flesh’ and it was a real delight! Thank you so much."

    Charlotte and Prakash

  • "I was so fortunate a few years ago to meet Jane during Artweeks. Jane's art is amazing. She puts her whole self into her work, but mostly her heart. In her work you see her vibrant, astounding love of life. It is fulfilled with a wondrous imagination and an incredible amount of detail."

    DiAnne P

  • "Jane's Shipping Forecast map is a very relevant and significant addition to the The National Meteorological Archive and will be held as part of our art collection in perpetuity."

    Dr Ross
    Met Office, National Meteorological Archive, Ex...

  • "Jane’s paintings are just so unique. She picks beautiful and extremely
    interesting subject matter. I’d like to fill my walls with her paintings."

    Gillian F

  • "Over the years we've accumulated quite a collection of Jane's paintings - originals and prints alike. From the stylised landscapes, which truly capture the feel of the place with every brush stroke, to the detailed studies of the natural world, her diverse subjects and techniques are a joy to behold. The spaces that these works of art fill on our walls do so with such character. We look forward very much to seeing what's to come! Thank you, Jane, for brightening our home. 😊"

    Graham O

  • "Jane! You win the sweep of art awards!"


  • "Jane Tomlinson's work has a colourful warmth and a glowing wit that gently nudges you into loving the world afresh."

    Heathcote Williams

  • "Beautiful. Living, breathing pictures!"

    Ivan, Gabriel and Joan

  • I just love everything you paint. Beautiful!


  • "I adore Jane's work, and she's such a lovely person to deal with too. We met 16 years ago when we commissioned her to paint "West Country Magic" for us, and we've purchased several more prints and originals since."

    Jen H

  • "I’ve admired Jane’s work - online -for a long time so I was delighted to receive Starlings In The Reeds yesterday. It’s truly beautiful, I love the vibrancy of Jane’s work but the photos don’t do it justice. Absolutely delighted."

    Jo H

  • "I’ve admired Jane’s work - online - for a long time so I was delighted to acquire 'Starlings In The Reeds'. It’s truly beautiful! I love the vibrancy of Jane’s work but the photos don’t do it justice. Absolutely delighted."

    Jo H

  • "Gorgeous colours, witty designs, authentically passionate art."

    Joanna C
    Norfolk, UK

  • "My favourite artist of Artweeks. Outstanding!"


  • It was lovely to have the chance to learn a new skill in a small and very supportive group at Jane's watercolour workshop.

    Jane's tuition is perfectly pitched and makes it possible to get a good result even if it's your first ever try. I learned to keep going and not to be too perfectionist about any one part. The whole thing comes together when you stand back at the end.


  • "Jane is fantastic. She paints all sorts of wildlife, country scenes and various other topics. Her vibrant colours and eye for detail are a joy to behold. Her hand drawn maps are unique and interesting with lots of facts about the places on the map. Jane has many admirers of her work but she deserves far wider attention, she really does. Give yourself a treat and take a closer look at Jane's paintings. You will not regret it."

    Kenny C

  • "We hung your painting straight away and got to see it in daylight for the first time this morning, and we’re both even more delighted with it, if you can imagine that!"

    Kristi and Stu
    South Wales

  • "I am the proud owner of 4 of Jane's bird prints! I am a huge fan of her work as it captures nature in such a unique and beautiful way. I buy her calendar each year which is a lovely showcase of a variety of her work. The customer service I have received has been excellent, and I would highly recommend Jane's work to anyone."


  • "Every subject Jane chooses to celebrate with her art is rendered with accuracy, skill and whimsy. And, her choices range from the natural world to Shakespeare and from painting to papier-mache'. I have enjoyed all her work and have given many items as gifts to appreciative friends and family."

    Marcia G

  • "Jane is a painter of nature, a subject she clearly loves. Her mastery of color and line, her eye for details with scientific accuracy, the emotion she brings to her subjects give her works the special quality of "life." We own several of her originals and they give us joy every day."

    Mary Ann

  • "A few months ago I was searching around for a birthday gift for my husband. He is an avid birder, so I checked out Jane's bird paintings. I showed him her work and he absolutely fell in love with 'The toucan is a curious bird'. Robert's reaction was enough for me, so I bought the painting for him and it is now enhancing our dining room. Last month we had people over and he very proudly showed off the new painting. Jane's work is even better in the "flesh" so to speak, than on the web. She is technically a master but even better, her paintings have life."

    Mary Ann S

  • "Only seeing the actual pictures can do them justice. Wonderful work!"

    Matthew B

  • “The workshop was a wonderful introduction to the art of watercolour. It was fascinating, fun and a very mindful, relaxing afternoon with something to show for it at the end. And what I produced was not bad for a first attempt! I was fascinated at how the paint behaved. “Let it do the work,” said Jane, “wetter, wetter!!” I’d fully recommend the experience with this talented, patient and kind artist.”

    Warwickshire, UK

  • "We haven’t been to any exhibition before where we liked almost everything!"

    Mike, Sarah and Laura

  • It was a perfect workshop to encourage me to pick up my brushes at home and ‘get on with it’! To learn some watercolour techniques and be introduced to some funky paintbrushes was exactly what such a workshop should be about - I left feeling truly inspired and excited to paint. Thanks so much Jane.


  • "I don't know what it is about your paintings, Jane... they soothe me, make me smile and give me a sense of being connected and belonging. Beautiful paintings celebrating the intricacies of Mother Earth, an inspired artist with an exquisite ability to capture the variety and fragility of nature."

    Nicki R

  • "As a long time insomniac, I have listened to the Shipping Forecast many nights! Your painting 'Attention All Shipping'  has pride of place in my bedroom."

    Pauline K

  • "The British Cartographic Society champions the art and science of map-making. As a native of Oxfordshire, I can fully appreciate the wit that Jane incorporates into her work in her celebration of the entire county.

    The way in which she lovingly represents the landscape and features of the area, together with some of its more well known characters, does an excellent job of literally painting a picture of Oxfordshire. Maps can be intended to guide and inform, encouraging you to explore an area.  Jane’s work, it will certainly inspire you to find out more about the area and its very rich history. Her works are wonderful examples of maps as art."

    Peter Jones, MBE FBCart.S CGeog
    President, British Cartographic Society

  • "Jane's work has a bold, vibrant style and a warmth which reveals her affection for her subjects. Anyone looking for affordable original artwork to grace a wall should have a look at her collection. Her hand drawn maps show incredible detail and are a real labour of love, or as she says, 'a love letter ' to the places represented. They would make perfect gifts for anyone who has lived in one of the places for a long time."

    Rosie H

  • "You have captured something of the art and science of nature."

    Rupert M

  • "Jane has, over the years, produced a body of the most life-affirming, colourful and magical contemporary art around. Scenes and depictions of subjects, mostly drawn from the natural world of which she is such a fan, occupy a beguiling hinterland between realism and the magical and as such, bestride detailed observation and whimsical imagination with delightful results. There's humour present, especially in Jane's detailed but almost otherworldly maps of places that offer an unfamiliar view of the familiar."

    Russell B

  • "Finally got to see your paintings in the flesh! Delighted to be taking 'Tree of Life' home with me."

    Ruth B

  • "I often look at your website, Jane, and it never fails to make me happier for looking at it. I’m so glad I found your work. You are so talented and create such a range of lovely things that speak of the beauty around us. Thank you again for all your art."

    Sarah H

  • Thanks again for the workshop - I genuinely can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be painting.

    I thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering my creativity and love the original piece of art I made. It will take pride of place on our wall. If you're thinking of doing this workshop - do it!


  • "I've always admired Jane's work the vibrant colours and subjects she paints.
    Now at last I'm the proud owner The Magpie my favourite bird and I am
    absolutely thrilled to bits ."

    Sue H

  • Jane's painting workshop was a wonderful afternoon; creative, fun, chatty, challenging, and ultimately a really uplifting experience.

    With huge amounts of encouragement, assistance, and thought-provoking suggestions, some fabulously individual colours and patterns emerged.

    Thank you Jane for your patience and support and thank you Moth for frequent refreshment!


  • Jane is a great teacher! Enthusiastic, passionate and patient in equal measure! The group size was great, and it was just fab to do the first session learning how the paint moves. I can’t wait to buy some paint and brushes and have a play at home. We would never have learnt all of these tactics without this face-to-face session. An excellent afternoon!

    (Trish attended a painting workshop)


  • You brighten the world!

    West Yorkshire

  • "I love Jane's work, which I first came across when looking for artwork featuring British prehistoric monuments, but without the seemingly ubiquitous new-agey nonsense that seems inherent in a lot of the artwork out there.

    Her Avebury 'Big Five' and 'Nebra Sky Disc' have been hanging on my walls for some years now, along with one of her lovely 'Pebble Beach' prints. I have now added to these with another 'Pebble' original and a night-time view of Stonehenge. Thank you, Jane, for helping to make my home a more beautiful and colourful place."

    Victoria C

  • "I have been so looking forward to seeing your work, Jane, and am not disappointed, so I just had to buy two! I shall be watching your website for new works."


  • "Jane's work is both unique and beautiful. I sent a birds t-towel to my bird-loving cousin for her birthday and she RAVED about it and promptly said she was ordering more for her birdy friends. First class customer service and fast delivery (barring postal strikes) too."

    Vulpes Vulpes