Collection: Maps

Hand painted maps are my speciality! Maps can express concepts and ideas about places in ways that no other art form can. They're schematic and quirky, and huge fun to research and create! 

The art and science of map-making is millennia old. Although many people now use satnavs, there's nothing like a map you can study time and again. My hand painted maps, free from the modern constraints of digital mapping aim or any notions of scale, aim to putting the art into cartography.

Yes, I have illustrated maps of places: Oxfordshire, Pembrokeshire, Isles of Scilly, Galapagos and the Isle of Mull. And I also have maps of ideas: the Shipping Forecast, the life of van Gogh, Shakespeare, rock music, the weather, wildlife, American birds, even Brexit! There's so much detail in each, you'll enjoy looking at them for years.