Collection: Shipping forecast collection

Attention All Shipping!

My shipping forecast collection includes a signed poster print, tea towel, jigsaw puzzle, coaster and greetings cards of my painting of the sea areas. It has been consistently popular with customers since I painted it.
In 2016, it won a top award from the British Cartographic Society! Read more about the award. The judges said:
"An excellent communication of a clear, and much-loved theme through a clever blend of cartography and art. A new, interesting and engaging portrayal, with a clear eye on its romance. Images, text and thoughtful use of terms from the shipping forecast combine to make a highly attractive, and fun product."

The shipping forecast is a short marine weather forecast, broadcast since the 19th century to keep sailors and seafarers safe. The stark poetry of the sea areas and wind speeds has enchanted Britons for more than a century, and is now part of our DNA. My shipping forecast collection means you can have a piece of it in your home. 

The image includes sea areas, ships, nature, typography, words typically spoken during broadcast,and the Beaufort scale.