Shakespeare's British Plays painting

A painting of Shakespeare's plays set in Britain

Shakespeare’s British Plays

Shakespeare’s British Plays


A painting of William Shakespeare’s British plays superimposed upon a map of the British Isles.

High quality prints of the original painting on 200gsm archival quality paper, signed by the artist. Comes to you rolled in a sturdy postal tube. Prices include P&P to UK addresses.

In the US? Order an unsigned print, size 36″x 24″ here.

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About Shakespeare’s British Plays

In 2015 I painted a map of Europe upon which I superimposed all Shakepeare’s plays in the approximate location of where they’re set. I had such fun composing and painting it.  But I was frustrated by the tiny amount of space available to fit all the plays set in the British Isles. Consequently, there was only one thing for it – make an illustrated map of just Shakespeare’s British plays.

Settings and locations

Many of Will’s plays are set all over the British Isles, and some of the action takes place in France. Many history plays take place all over our sceptred isles! So being faithful to regional geography was going to be impossible.  I have had to play ‘fast and loose’ with locations. Aficionados will have fun arguing about many of the settings. Putting ‘As You Like It’ in the British Midlands, for example. Some have argued that the Arden Forest, where it is set, is actually the Ardennes in Belgium. But why ever would Shakespeare do this? In the 16th century the ancient Forest of Arden stretched virtually to Will’s doorstep at the top of Henley Street in Stratford-upon-Avon. The Arden Forest would have been the young Will’s playground.

What is Richard II doing in East Anglia? Putting him there is an acknowledgement of the king’s brutal quelling of the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381. Peasant leader Wat Tyler came from Essex.

Thankfully some of the plays are straightforward, for example Cymbeline in Wales, Macbeth in Scotland and the Merry Wives in Windsor. Richard II stretches from York down to Leicester, and King John is over is Worcestershire because he is buried in Worcester Cathedral.

Each play is shown with its title, a quotation from the play and a small illustration. I hope it’s As you Like It.

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